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Soaring Safety Foundation

SSF's Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic

FIRCs (Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics) are typically held between January and April when the northern half of the country is shutdown. The SSF places a priority on long term relationships with instructors which leads to clinics being scheduled every 2 years in a geographical area. In the even numbered years (2008, 2010, 2012, ...) we get an early start with an Octover clinic planned for Etowah TN, Washington DC, SSA Convention, Ann Arbor MI, Seattle WA, Denver CO, and Long Beach CA. In the odd numbeed years (2009, 2011, 2013( clinics are typically held in Chicago IL, Anchorage AK, Chesapeake VA, Dansville NY, and Mason OH. The SSF will entertain requests for additional clinics. In the past 2 years clinics have been run in Concord NH, Des Moine IA, and Houston FL. The intention is to add these clinics to the regular rotation.

Requests for new clinics are handled on a first come, first served bases. As noted above, the SSF gives priority to repeat clinics when scheduling conflicts occur. Visit to FIRC web page to learn more and find out how to schedule a clinic in your area. This page also contains a list of currently scheduled clinics and a links to previous years schedules is located at the botton of the page. Looking at previous year schedules gives you a good idea of where we will be in the future.

SSF's Flight Simulator and ADM Training Program

Participate in developing new videos. In 2011, the Soaring Safety Foundataion started a project to use the Condor Soaring Simulator program to generate short videos showing both accident producing events and properly performed flight maneuvers. The SSF is now ready to expand the library of videos and we need your help to accomplish this. This page lets you view the list of current requests, request a new video, or help prioritize the production of new videos. New videos will be added to the library based on this community demand. Your participation will make this a better resource for all U.S. glider pilots.

The SSF's role is to provide flight instructors with the resource they need to effectly teach both the stick & Rudder skills and the Decision Making skills needed to safely operate a glider. The Video and Text based scenario resources web page contains links to the existing suite of resources. By participating in the development program, you can help yourself and your fellow SSA members grow these resources.

Visit these pages and let us know what you think with an email to the SSF.

Last Site Update: Dec 23, 2013

Soaring Safety Foundation

The major goals of the Soaring Safety Foundation include:

  • Reducing the accident rate in soaring
  • Increasing pilot awareness of soaring safety issues
  • Disseminating training information and material

This site is an important component of that mandate and consists of two broad categories:

  1. Education Opportunities:
    Flying gliders is a life-long learning activity. This site provides the pilot (student to instructor) with access to training material and computer aided training courses to encourage this behavior

  2. Safety Information:
    The dynamic nature of our sport means that new safety bulletins, notices, and regulatory changes occur on a regular basis. This site provides pilots with access to important safety material.