Flight Instructor Pilot Briefings

These pages contain information specific to Flight Instructor Soaring pilots. 

Department of Homeland Security - Transportation Security Administration (DHS-TSA) Exemption Letter

On September 20, 2004 the TSA published a rule requiring security training for US flight instructors and US flight Schools. On October 29, 2004 the SSA/SSF received an letter exempting Glider only flight instructors and glider only flight schools from this training requirement. The exemption letter is available in MS-word and PDF formats.


The SSAI (SSA Instructor) awards A-B-C-Bronze Badges to pilots who have completed the badge requirements. Every club and commercial operator should have an SSAI on staff. Contact the SSF Badge coordinator (Burt Compton) for more details on how to participate in this program.

THE FAA Glider Flight Instructor

"SSF Logbook Order Form" - Order yours from the SSA merchandise department today!

"SSF Video Order Form" - All videos are avialble via the SSF SSF YouTUbe Channel youtube.

"INSTRUCTORS ASK" - Go There! An ever increasing list of issues and information of interest to glider instructors.

Standard American Soaring Signals - Ground - Airborne

SSA Instructor Application - Click to download (PDF format)

Blank Bronze Badge Answer Sheet - Click to download (PDF format)

Sample generic Private Pilot Training Guide - Click to download (PDF format)

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