Flight Time Data

The Soaring Safety Foundation regularly reviews the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) aviation accident data base to determine the number and types of accidents that occur each year. In order to convert those numbers into meaningful information, we needs your help. Every spring the SSF will send a mailer to all clubs, chapters, or commercial operators asking them to compete this Flight Time Data Survey. Please complete this form when you get your mailer.

With your help we can make soaring safer for everyone!

Soaring Safety Foundation Glider Utilization DataBase
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Total number of gliders that operate out of your field?
How many are owned by the club/commercial operator?
Total number of tow-planes and/or winches at your field?
Total number of launches?
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  2. Winch    

  3. Self        
How many were done by club/commercially owned gliders?
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  2. Winch    

  3. Self        
Total hours flown by club/commercially owned gliders?
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