Monthly Soaring Magazine Articles for 2018

January - Really, are you kidding me? by Ron Ridenour

Recently a well known and respected pilot videoed a low altitude "save" from 300 feet AGL. He posted it on YouTube and Facebook. As might be expected, there were many comments, both pro and con, as to the advisability of such an attempt and also how it might be perceived by the sailplane pilot community as a whole. Read the full article.

February - Gliding Turns by Ron Ridenour

After a student learns how to adjust the glider's pitch attitude to maintain the desired airspeed the next task is how to make turns. The Joy of Soaring, a book written by Carle Conway for the SSA, speaks about the 5 "undesired side effects of the turn". The undesired side effects are present in every turn we make and all the training manuals I've read speaks to them to various degrees. Read the full article.

March - Stalls and the Glider Pilot by Stephen Dee

In a recent article from SSF, you learned the intricacies of what seemed like a simple task-turning flight. In this article, I would like to proceed to the topic of Stalls, and why its understanding is so important to the Glider Pilot. Read the full article.

April - Annual Soaring Safety Foundation Safety Summary by Soaring Safety Foundation Trustees

This report covers the FY17 (November 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017) reporting period. Read the full article.

May - Glider Accident Rates – Validating the Estimates by Richard Carlson

In April the SSF published the 2017 Annual Accident Report. As usual, the report contains the number of accidents that occurred during the 12 month period from November 1, 2016 – October 31, 2017. While this report compared the number of accidents in 2017 to those that occurred in previous years, it cannot be used to draw good statistically valid conclusions on the accident rate in the U.S. To do that we need to know the number of flight hours flown during that same time period. Read the full article.