Monthly Soaring Magazine Articles for 2021

January - The Accident I Never Had by Ron Ridenour

In 1968 my father had a sailplane accident that almost cost him his life. He was flying his homebuilt HP-13A (a hybrid of an HP-11A fuselage and HP-14 wings) in a Region 7 contest in down state Illinois. He suffered numerous injuries, including a broken heel and crushed vertebrae in his lower back. Fortunately, after many months of rehabilitation, he recovered completely and was able to return to his flying career. Read the full article.

February - The Expected Wave-Off by Richard Carlson

The February morning was bright and clear, just as the forecast had predicted. It was a perfect day to go out to the glider school and knock some rust off and beat those Chicago winter blues. Read the full article.

March - Heartache Avoidance 101 by Tom Johnson

The airline world demands a "Sterile Cockpit" during essential phases of flight. For example, whenever the aircraft is below 18000 ft., the crew must limit discussions to safety of flight items only. No talking about the Cowboys, or how great the Lifetime Christmas movie was last night, or where dinner will be. Checklists, traffic avoidance, and safety related items only. Read the full article.

April - 2020 Soaring Accident Summary by Soaring Safety Foundation Trustees

For the twelve-month period ending October 31, 2020, eight (8) gliders, seven (7) motorgliders, and two (2) towplanes were involved in seventeen (17) separate accidents meeting the reporting requirements of NTSB Part 830 of the Code of Federal Regulation. This represents a 22.7% decrease in the number of accidents reported during the previous 12 month reporting period. Read the full article.