About the Soaring Safety Foundation

Our Mission

The major goals of the Soaring Safety Foundation include:

This site is an important component of that mandate and consists of two broad categories:

  1. Education Opportunities:  Flying gliders is a life-long learning activity. This site provides the pilot (student to instructor) with access to training material and computer aided training courses to encourage this behavior
  2. Safety Information:  The dynamic nature of our sport means that new safety bulletins, notices, and regulatory changes occur on a regular basis. This site provides pilots with access to important safety material.


The SSF has is managed by a five (5) member board of trustees. Each trustee serves a three (3) year term with the terms staggered to ensure the board can always function. The current BoT's nominates individuals to a term, and those nominations are then passed to the SSA board of directors for approval.

The SSF board of trustees meets twice a year for a face-to-face meeting. The minutes of these meetings are placed on this web site after they have been approved.

The SSF Board of trustees also developes an annual operating budget for the upcoming year. The annual operating budget documents are places on this web site after being approved.

The SSF reimburses individuals for some services (Site Surveys, Safety Seminars, and FIRC's), using the guidelines specified by the SSA reimbursement policy. Individuals wishing to receive reimbursement for approved expenses must fill out the MS Excel spread sheet or the Paper PDF form and mail a printed copy of this form to the SSF Treasurer (address is on the form).


The Incident Reporting database accepts anonymous entries from pilots, ground-crew, wing-runners, and other interested parties. To limit the amount of spam, the entries are reviewed by the SSF trustees before they are put made public. The Pending Incidents page lists the recently submitted incidents and allows the authorized personnel to delete spam and publish vetted incidents.