Distance Learning Activities

Gliding and Soaring is a life long learning activity. These pages are designed to help you continue these activities.

Flight Training and Flight Safety videos from the Soaring Safety Foundation's YouTube channel.

Risk Management/Aeronautical Decision Making Resources - The use of flight simulators is a proven method of providing pilots with the ability to practice dangerious maneuvers and improve their Aeronautical Decision Making skills. This page provides pilots and instructors with Condor based simulation video clips to aid in that process. It also contains text based scenarios that pilots can use to develop/improve their RM/ADM skills.

Wing Runner Course - Safe soaring operations depend upon good coordination between the glider pilot, tow pilot, and ground crew. The following pages comprise a web-based course on wingrunning--from ground handling through the actual launch of the glider.

Bronze Badge Study Guide - The SSA Bronze Badge program allows pilots to begin preparing for the challenges of cross-country soaring. This study guide is designed to allow a soaring pilot to prepare for the Bronze Badge written exam.

Tow Pilot Course - The SSF has joined forces with Headquarters Civil Air Patrol (CAP) to bring you an on-line Tow Pilot Course. The scope and purpose of this course is to provide standardized tow pilot training producing safe and competent tow pilots. The course is open to all in the soaring and CAP community.