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January - First Flight 2023 by Bill Palmer

February - THE FEAR OF--- by Pat Costello, SSA Insurance Administrator

March - Emergency Plan…Check by Bill Palmer

April - 2022 Soaring Accident Summary by Soaring Safety Foundation Trustees

May - What's Your MESA? by Ron Ridenour

June - The Soaring Mythbusters? by Tom Johnson

July - Abnormal Occurences on the Checkride and Beyond By Tony Condon

August - What's Going On! by Richard Carlson

September - Soaring Safety Foundation Activities Update by SSF Trustees and Advisors


January - The Possible Turn by Richard Carlson - SSF Chairman

February - 2022 SSA Convention Activities

March - Covid Corrosion. (Rusty Pilot? That's Me!) by Burt Compton

April - 2021 Soaring Accident Summary by Soaring Safety Foundation Trustees

May - Gliders and Checklists by Bill Palmer

June - The Possible Turn? by Tom Johnson

July - The Positive Flight Review By Richard Carlson

August - The FAA Safety Team Website by Glenn Collins - SSF Advisor

September - WINGS - The FAA's Pilot Proficiency Program by Richard Carlson

October - A Great In-Vest-Ment by Tom Johnson

November - Mission Impossible by Tom Johnson

December - Early Motorgliding in the USA by Stephen Dee


January - The Accident I Never Had by Ron Ridenour

February - The Expected Wave-Off by Richard Carlson

March - Heartache Avoidance 101 by Tom Johnson

April - 2020 Soaring Accident Summary by Soaring Safety Foundation Trustees

May - Be Proactive in Evaluating your Pilot Risk by Ron Ridenour

June - There I Was by Tom Dixon

July - Loss of Control as a factor of Aerotow Takeoff Accidents By Ron Ridenour

August - The Hard Deck: Its Time Has Come by Tom Johnson

September - I was taught to... by Richard Carlson

October - My Towplane Engine Failure by Burt Compton

November - A Breath of Fresh Air by Stephen Dee

December - What's in Your Wallet? by Tom Johnson


January - First Flight – A great way to start a new Decade by Richard Carlson

February - Surviving a Ramp Inspection by Stephen Dee

March - Soaring Site Observations: The Good the Bad and the Ugly bys Burt Compton

April - 2019 Soaring Accident Summary by Soaring Safety Foundation Trustees

May - Proactive Safety Program by Richard Carlson

June - Three Perspectives on Resuming Flight Operations by SSF Trustees Burt Compton, Ron Ridenour, and Steven Dee

July - CoVID 19 and You by Tom Johnson

August - Let’s Go Fly a Kite? by Tom Johnson

September - Whack-a-Mole, Glider Style by Tom Johnson

October - Scenario Based Training by Ron Ridenour

November - Let’s NOT go Fly a Kite by Glenn Collins

December - There I was... by Stephen Dee


January - 3-2-1-Done by Tom Johnson

February - Scanning – to look for information by Richard Carlson and Marion Griffith

March - Beware - The Ides of March by Ron Ridenour

April - Annual Soaring Safety Foundation Safety Summary by Soaring Safety Foundation Trustees

May - Model Building in the Soaring World by Tom Johnson

June - Distractions in the Cockpit by Ron Ridenour

July - Normalization of Deviance by Robert Wander

August - Normalization of Deviance Part Two by Ron Ridenour

September - Checklist, Checklist, Checklist! by Tom Johnson

October - I know that runway is around here somewhere by Richard Carlson

November - Premature Termination of the Launch by Stephen Dee

December - The Tow Goes On by Tom Johnson


January - Really, are you kidding me? by Ron Ridenour

February - Gliding Turns by Ron Ridenour

March - Stalls and the Glider Pilot by Stephen Dee

April - Annual Soaring Safety Foundation Safety Summary by Soaring Safety Foundation Trustees

May - Glider Accident Rates – Validating the Estimates by Richard Carlson

June - The Anatomy of a Steep Turn by Ron Ridenour

July - Intentional Spins Encouraged by Tom Johnson

August - Glider Landing – The Goal Oriented Approach by Richard Carlson

September - We're Almost There by Tom Johnson, Ron Ridenour, Burt Compton, Richard Carlson

October - Landing - The Last 100 Feet by Stephen Dee

November - Taking Stock by Tom Johnson

December - Don't Crash. Really? by Tom Johnson


January - Avoiding First Flight of the Year Blues by Stephen Dee

February - The "Remote" SSA Instructor Bronze Badge Process by Richard Carlson

March - Just Say No by Tom Johnson

April - Annual Soaring Safety Foundation Safety Summary by SSF Trustees

May - Punching Above our Weight by Rich Carlson

June - You Can See a lot by Watching by Tom Johnson

July - More is Better? by Tom Johnson

August - Glider Flying 101 – The Positive Control Check, Pre-launch checklist, and Take-off by Rich Carlson

September - The Basics of Flying a Glider in Aerotow by Ron Ridenour

October - Towpilot and Glider Pilot Communications by Burt Compton

November - Self-Launching by Stephen Dee

December - Basic Gliding - 103: Straight and Level Flight by Richard Carlson


January - Scenario Based Training by SSF Trustees

February - Scenario Based Training – A Practical Demonstration by Richard Carlson

March - Check-out Time Again by Tom Johnson

April - Annual Soaring Safety Foundation Safety Summary by SSF Trustees

May - Towpilot Currency and Proficiency by Burt Compton

June - Towing Gliders is Easy by Tom Johnson

July - Safety Through Training by Richard Carlson

August - Safety Management by Tom Johnson

September - FAQ's: Stalls by Tom Johnson

October - Teaching Stalls and Spins by Richard Carlson

November - AIRSPEED! by Richard Carlson

December - Preventing Rollout Accidents by Burt Compton


January - First Flight by SSF Trustees

February - Exciting Losses by Pat Costello

March - Check-out Time Again by Tom Johnson

April - Annual Soaring Safety Foundation Safety Summary by SSF Trustees

May - Training AND Safety, the SSF mission by Richard Carlson

June - Approach Speed Recalculated by Ron Ridenour

July - It's Time to Go by Tom Johnson

August - Cause and Effect by Richard Carlson

September - Glider Accidents that have happened before... by Ron Ridenour

October - Scenario Based Training by Tom Johnson

November - Aeronautical Decision Making by Stephen Dee

December - Scenario Based Training by Tom Johnson


April - Annual Soaring Safety Foundation Safety Summary by SSF Trustees

May - THE VALUE OF CLUB MANAGEMENT by Pat Costello and Burt Compton

June - The dreaded Stall/Spin Accident by Richard Carlson

July - Three strikes and your out! by Richard Carlson

September - That Was Stupid by Tom Johnson

October - Taking A Look at "Powered Gliders" and the ASA by Stephen Dee

November - Stamping out the low-slow approach by Richard Carlson

December - Introducing Risk by Tom Johnson


April - Annual Soaring Safety Foundation Safety Summary by SSF Trustees


January - The Three Cs by Gene Hammond

February - First Flight Guide for Instructors and Trainees by Stephen Dee

March - Hooray, It's Spring by Gene Hammond

April - Soaring Safety Foundation Annual Safety Summary Report FY08 by SSF Trustees

May - Planning for a PT3 Event by Richard Carlson

June - Preventing Rollout Accidents by Burt Compton and Pat Costello

July - Aerotow Signals - Do you know what's going on? by Richard Carlson

August - The Value of Club Management by Burt Compton and Pat Costello

September - Winches - Pay Attention by Bernald Smith

October - Paper Pilot Certificates by Burt Compton

November - But that's not what I thought you said ... by Gene Hammond (Reprint)

December - Gotcha! Lesser-Known FAA Regulations for Glider Pilots and Towpilots by Burt Compton


January - Recurrent Training by Bob Wander

February - Winch launching revisited by Bernald Smith

March - Density Altitude Dilemmas by Stephen Dee

April - 2007 Soaring Safety Report - Executive Summary by Rich Carlson

May - Things to Consider - ICU by Bernald Smith

June - Ground Launching, A New Idea? by Gene Hammond

July - Airspace in the New Century - Revisited by Richard Carlson

August - Some Things Never Change by Gene Hammond

September - Woodworking 102 by PIC of incident

October - Getting it right the First Time by Stephen Dee

November - Saftey Officer - A Job Description and Training Guide by Burt Compton

December - WHY? by Bernald Smith


January - Starting the Year off Right by Gene Hammond

February - 100 of us will have Accidents in 2007! WHO? by Bernald Smith

March - Emergency Response Plan, Suggestions for Soaring Sites by Burt Compton

April - Soaring Accident Rates by Rich Carlson

May - Four Simple Steps to Improve your Proficiency by Rich Carlson

June - Three C's Promote Safety - SSF Safety article reprint

July - Avoiding Surprises! Motorglider Safety Tips by Stephen Dee

August - Risk Management Tools for Soaring Pilots by Mike Bamberg

September - Ground Non-Flight Damage. Is Your Canopy Insured? by Bernald Smith

October - Motorglider Certification and Training by Stephen Dee

November - Which Approach by Richard Carlson

December - Last Flight by Bernald Smith


January - Time to Stop Flying? by Bernald Smith

February - Bad News by Bernald Smith and Gene Hammond

March - Keep your eyes on the Goal by Rich Carlson

April - Slips by Gene Hammond

May - Stalls by Bob Wander

June - Nothing published

July - Nothing published

August - Spins by Bob Wander

September - Current or Proficient by Rich Carlson

October - What happened to my 50:1 Glider? by Eric Greenwell

November - Winch Launching by Bernald Smith

December - Potential Hazard Training by Bernald Smith