Flight Training Programs

Safe and Fun soaring operations are based on clubs and commercial operators implementing a strong ground and flight training program. Students and Flight Instructors need a structured training syllabus to make progress and ensure that all the stick & rudder skills are learned. Rated pilots benefit from a written Flight Review and glider checkout program to aid in both the teaching and learning process.

In addition to teaching the stick & rudder skills, pilots need training in Aeronautical Decision Making skills. Just as we learn how to make coordinated turns, we learn how to make good decisions.

The resources, web pages, videos, and syllabi found in this section can assist everyone in lerning how to be a better and safer pilot.


Flight Instructor Refresher Course - Learn more about the FIRC program including schedules and links to class presentations

Flight Training Videos - View and discuss the on-line training videos.

Pilot Resources - Find flight traing resources for students, rated pilots, and flight instructors.

On-line Learning - Learn more about scenario based training and modern Risk Management programs.

Wing-Runner Course - Take the on-line Wing Runner course to learn more about flight line operations.

Tow Pilot Course - Take the on-line Tow-Pilot course to learn more about aerotow operations.

Winch Operator Course -Coming soon, Take the on-line Winch Operator course to learn more about operating a glider winch.

Bronze Badge Study Guide - Prepare for you Bronze Badge written test and learn more about X-C soaring.