SSA Convention Presenations

012 SSA Conference - OSTIV Track Presentations

Thursday - February 2

Richard Carlson - Why Trying to eliminate all mistakes can be Deadly LibreOffice ODP slides   PDF slides 

SSA/SSF Special Safety Seminar

Friday February 3

Richard Carlson - Special Safety Seminar LibreOffice ODP slides   PDF slides
Audio Recording (150 MBytes) of entire 2 hour special session 150 MB MP3 audio file

2011 SSA Conference - OSTIV Track Presentations

Thursday - January 27

Richard Carlson - Why You Hate Your Flight Review (and what to do about it)PPTX slides   PDF version.   
Ron Ridenour - Proficiency vs Currency PPT slides.   
Ward Hindman - Technical Soaring, The International Journal of OSTIV PDF presentation   PDF notes.

Friday - January 28, 2011

Helmut Fendt - Safety Pays PPT slides.   
Walt Rogers / Dan Gudgel - Uvalde 2012 - Preparations for WSC Weather Presentations PDF version

Saturday - January 29, 2011

Helge Hald - Basic Training and Evaluation Methods PPTX slides  & PDF version   

2010 SSA Convention Presentations

These presentations were given during the OSTIV track of the 2010 SSA Convention Richard Carlson - PPT slides Ten things your Instructor told you, that you Forgot, also PDF format

Note:Soaring pilots, clubs, and schools may use this presentation provided they attribute the material to the SSF.  Note: most of these presentations are large (over 2 Mbytes).