Risk Managment and Decision Making Resources

 The use of flight simulators is a proven method of providing pilots with the ability to practice dangerious maneuvers and improve their Aeronautical Decision Making skills. This page provides pilots and instructors with Condor based simulation video clips to aid in that process. It also contains text based scenarios that pilots can use to develop/improve their RM/ADM skills.

Flight Simulator Training Program

Flight Safety requires that pilots engage in a life-long learning process. The process begins with the initial ground and flight training and is reinforced with continued practice and study. It is augmented by such items as flight reviews, participation in a safety culture, and you can take that extra step by taking advantage of the safety programs offered by the SSF. These SSF programs include, personal safety seminars and on-line safety programs. Check out the short realistic video simulations listed below and become a part of the SSF's safety culture!

The scenarios and video clips located here are designed to give you and your instructor the tools you need to identify potential problems and discuss solutions to those problems. Scenarios can be discussed on the ground, and then flown, either in a real glider or in a simulator. The video clips provide a visual image of a flight maneuver from multiple viewpoints. They also allow the demonstration of maneuvers that would be unsafe to practice in real life.

Accident Producing Video Clips provides instructors with examples of improperly performed flight maneuvers that often lead to accidents. These clips, in conjunction with discussions with the instructor, can help the pilot understand what went wrong and how to take corrective action to avoid the potential accident.

Scenario Based Training provides the flight instructor with an easy way to teach Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) skills to the pilot. Good ADM skills will make clubs and commercial operations safer and more flights more enjoyable.

Flight Maneuver Video Clips provide instructors with examples of properly performed flight maneuvers. These clips can help students grasp the concepts behind the maneuver and how the flight controls move to execute this maneuver.

Participate in developing new videos. In 2011, the Soaring Safety Foundataion started a project to use the Condor Soaring Simulator program to generate short videos showing both accident producing events and properly performed flight maneuvers. The SSF is now ready to expand the library of videos and we need your help to accomplish this. This page lets you view the list of current requests, request a new video, or help prioritize the production of new videos. New videos will be added to the library based on this community demand. Your participation will make this a better resource for all U.S. glider pilots.

Video clips presented here were generated using the Condor: the Competition Soaring Simulator. The simulation was produced in Condor and then converted into a Windows Media (.wmv) file for viewing. Play, rewind, and pause functions are available in the media player.