Soaring Safety Seminars

The Soaring Safety Foundation strives to reach out to the SSA membership with a variety of hands on programs. These include:

Safety Seminars - the SSF hosts an annual safety seminar during the SSA convention. More details of this annual event will be placed here when the schedule is firmed up.

The Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) Safety Seminars Hit The Road in the USA

The Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) will cooperate with your gliding organization to present a gliding safety seminar to pilots in your city. The SSF will provide an instructor to present four to six hours' worth of presentations to help you and your fellow pilots identify and reduce risk factors in soaring.

To request a safety Seminar for your area contact Tom Johnson, the SSF Safety Seminar Coordinator (tjj757 at

Tax-deductible donations from individuals and organizations help fund the outreach programs of the Soaring Safety Foundation.