Soaring Safety Posters

This page contains a collection of Posters developed and issued by the SSF. These posters depict, sometimes in a humorus way, important safety messages for the U.S. Soaring pilot. Original copies of these posters were printed and mailed to every club, commercial operation, and SSA chapter in the United States. If your club no longer has copies, or you would like another copy, contact the SSF web master. At the present time we have copies of the No Mid-AirStay Alert, andRudder Waggle posters. Replacements will be sent as long as supplies last.

 Which Approach Pattern?Landing a glider requires that the pilot take a bunch of factors into account. These include, but are not limited to, Altitude, wind speed/direction, lift/sink, Traffic, and terrain features. Using these factors the pilot can then determine what specific approach or pattern is practical, and safe. This poster is designed to remind every glider pilot that landing a glider is not like landing a fixed-wing airplane. You can't go around if the glider if things aren't going well. You can also download High Resolution copies of this poster.

 Too Late For A Plan This poster deals with PT3 accidents. It is important to think ahead and come up with a plan if things start to go wrong on tow. You can also download High Resolution copies of this poster.

 The Rudder Waggle Signal This poster deals with the newest member of the Americal Soaring Signals family. This signal is used by a tow pilot to signal that something is wrong with the glider. The usual problem is the spoilers are open and the climb rate is terrible. Remember: close the spoilers, don't release!!! You can also download High Resolution copies of this poster.

 Stay Alert This poster deals with the See and Avoid concept vital to all VFR soaring flight. You must keep a good look-out and use proper scanning techniques to deal with potential traffic conflicts. Remember: most mid-air collisions occur in VFR conditions within 5 miles of the airport! You can also download High Resolution copies of this poster.

 No Mid-Air This poster deals with the See and Avoid concepts vital to VFR soaring flight. It points out several high density traffic areas, some common to soaring flight and some common to general aviation. Does your site have any unique areas that you need to talk about? You can also download High Resolution copies of this poster.

 The USTALL check-list This poster deals with approach and landing actions. The USTALL pre-landing check-list can be used to get you into an approach and landing frame of mind. It will help you get the glider configured for the approach and help you sort though some of the tasks needed to reach your goal a safe landing at your intended spot! You can also download High Resolution copies of this poster.

Done our Checks? This poster deals with the need to complete your pre-takeoff check lists. Forgetting to latch the canopy is just one item that pilots can forget. Did you remember to keep E - Emergencies as the final checklist item? You can also download High Resolution copies of this poster.

Are You Ready? This poster highlights the need for pilots to preflight themselves in addition to the glider. Are there medical factors that would make flying a bad idea? Is the weather adequate to concude the proposed flight? What other factors should you consider? You can also download High Resolution copiesof this poster.

High Resolution images of each poster is availabe as a zip file. Once downloaded and unpacked, you may take the image file to your local print shop for printing. Contact the Soaring Safety Foundation for more details.