Pilot Resources

All glider pilots need written documents to aid in the teaching and learning process. Without written material, it is difficult - or impossible - to make progress in learning how to fly. These pages provide you with information on the material that you should have in your personal library. It also has links to several excellent Ground/Flight training syllabus.

First Flight - The SSF First Flight program offers pilots a fun way to shake off the winter rust and get back into the air.

Student through Commercial pilot resources. Books, reference material, and other documents that should be in your peronsal library

Flight Instructor - Links and references for the Soaring Flight Instructor. Learn how to prepare a student for a flight test. Learn how to make the Flight Review a pleasant experience. Learn about your liability issues. Learn about the SSA Instructor and Master Instructor programs.

Standard American Soaring Signals - Ground launch and in flight signals

SSF Posters

Training Syllabus - This page contains links to Club/Commercial Operator derived Ground&anp;Flight Training syllabi. Instructors and students should inist that their soaring organization use a written training syllabus.