SSF Forms

The Soaring Safety Foundation needs input from You the SSA member. To make it easier for you to contribute information the SSF has created a number of web forms. These forms can allow you to anonymously submit confidential information, or request safety material from the SSF.

Pilot/Club Flight times - Help the SSF convert raw accident data into meaningful statistics. Let us know how much you fly.

Safety Incident Report - Help the SSF understand safety trends and identify problem areas. Incident reports can help the SSF Trustees create new safety programs that meet the needs of the US soaring pilot.

SSF Scenario Database - This database contains scenarios used during the FIRCs and safety seminars.New scenarios will be added on a routine bases. Email your suggested scenarios to us now.

SSF Video Orders - The SSF has produced several instructional videos. These videos are available on CD or DVD media. Order one for your club or soaring operation.