Soaring Safety Foundation

Accident Prevention

Articles - This page contains articles and papers that discuss various aspects of accident prevention techniques.

Glider Aviators Model Code of Conduct (GAMCC) The GAMCC provides recommended voluntary practices to advance flight safety, airmanship, and promote the glider community.

Standard Soaring Signals - The American Soaring Signal pictures.

Advisoy Notices - This page contains advisory notices issued by the Soaring Safety Foundation

NTSB Accident Statistics - This page contains annual summaries of the glider accidents reported by the NTSB. For more details visit the NTSB Aviation Accident web site.

SSF Annual Reports - This page contains detailed annual reports prepared by the SSF chair.

Stop Crashing Letter For several years the SSF has been mailing Stop Crashing letters to every club, chapter, commercial operator and SSA director. As your club officers to post a copy on your clubhouse wall and consider taking advantage of the SSF's Outreach Programs.